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The Georgetown house where JFK and Jackie first met is up for sale
By Helena Andrews-Dyer February 6, 2018

The Georgetown home where John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier first met is going on sale. (TTR Sotheby’s)
It’s where it all started, and it’s for sale. The Georgetown home that set the scene of a staged meet-cute starring John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier will hit the market for $1.725 million this week.

The scene: It was the spring of 1951, and journalist Charles Bartlett, a pal of Kennedy, and Bartlett’s wife, Martha, had decided — with the help of behind-the-scenes machinations by Kennedy family patriarch Joseph Kennedy — to throw a dinner party at the modest red-brick rowhouse on Q Street NW that they were renting. The gathering of about eight was held for the express purpose of introducing the eventual president, a notorious bachelor at the time, to his future bride.

After a night of cocktails, chicken casserole and a game of charades, America’s first royal couple clicked.

“I’ve never met anyone like her,” Jack reportedly told a friend after the party, according to Edward Klein’s book “All Too Human: The Love Story of Jack and Jackie.” They were married two years later in Rhode Island.

Built in 1895, the Q Street house, which was expanded to include the property next door, sports three bedrooms, a garage and all that history — a particular selling point in storied Georgetown, according to the home’s listing agent.

“This one struck me as a really special one,” said Michael Brennan Jr., an agent with TTR Sotheby’s. He added that the ideal buyer is someone who sees the home’s pedigree as “value added.” The property, which goes on sale Thursday, has already received multiple inquiries.

“I do not anticipate it being actively on the market for long,” Brennan said. “It’ll be snapped up quickly.”

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 $1.725 million!!!
 共同出資でいかがですか?無類のコレクター ナッキーさん?(笑)


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